Meet Tan

Tanya Love AIPP Qld Awards

I am so grateful for my photography family. As you can see, we have a wonderful time when we get together at events! Here you see me performing a cracker photobomb at the recent 2017 AIPP Qld Professional Photography Awards.

I was going to be a lot of things when I grew up, but never did I dream that it would be a photographer…

A scientist, yes, a lawyer, maybe, arty farty photographer type, definitely not!

But Mother Nature had other plans and one day, I became a mum. Almost immediately, I found myself with camera in hand a LOT. Pretty soon, I felt as though I was born to be a photographer, and I soon came to realise just how much I loved colour, and light, and cute little faces smiling back at me! Putting them all together was the easy part, learning the techie stuff was not!

Looking back over my own kids photo albums is like viewing a time line of my evolution as a photographer. My only regret is that I didn’t pick up a camera before I became a mum because my eldest son’s album is embarrassing!

So, my story may not be unique – there are lots of photographer mums out there now – but I hope that the images I make are! I love colour, movement and all things quirky and “out there”! Vibrancy and contrast, and anything that is crazy and whimsical is right up my ally! I can’t wait to meet you and see what awesome creations we can come up with together!

….and by the way, yes, “Tanya Love” *is* my real name!

Things I love…

My kids, who are my purpose for living.  Gym – I love to lift. 🙂 Yoga and pilates.  Cuddling up with my pets.  My camera and the memories it creates.  Strawberries and dipping chocolate.  Rare steak (apologies to my vegan friends!). Actually, any food really – I’m a total glutton.

Dancing like a crazy woman. Going to the cinema, Gold Class, baby! Doof doof!  Going barefoot.  A good cuppa! Butterfly kisses.  Wearing sarongs.  Getting surprises.    Fresh fruit smoothies (food of the gods!).   Making a difference.  The goosebumps I get when a child gazes at me through my lens.  Writing – one of these days I will finish the novel I’ve been writing for the past 10 years!

Things I loathe…

Sitting idle. Child abuse and neglect.  Smokers.  Cold weather (except when onesies are involved!). Poor grammar.  Bad spelling.  Laziness.  Hypocrisy.  Selfishness. Peas! (yes, those disgusting green and mushy, little round suckers that should never be found in pies!). Greed.  Sleeping in and wasting the day.  Missing my kids milestones.  Running out of loo paper. Washing dishes by hand.


I sleep little and talk a lot. I overthink EVERYTHING. I am addicted to writing lists. I am a perfectionist. I have terrible handwriting.

I bite my nails. I am a terrible swimmer. I like using big words. I have a massive sweet tooth. I can type super fast.  I’m a bit of a computer geek!


Me demonstrating a pose to a client in studio – wearing my very glamorous socks of course!